Campus Speak: If you could bring back a childhood cartoon character, who would it be and why?

KEVIN LEE ’04: “Lion-O, because he’s one hell of a model American.”

JENNY YUNG ’02: “She-Ra. She was really cool and had a horse with really pretty wings.”

JONATHAN TANG ’05: “The Transformers, because I was completely obsessed with them when I was a little kid.”

SAM BRENNER ’03: “Smurfette, because she’s hot.”

GAIL ZUCKERWISE ’05: “Punky Brewster, because I loved her style. She was so unique, funny and outgoing.”

TIM MAK ’02: “Optimus Prime, because he brings joy with the battle cry, ‘Autobots roll out!'”

JOANNE JOO ’04: “He-Man and She-Ra. It was classic good vs. evil and it was da bomb.”

MISHA TSEYTLIN ’03: “Spiderman, because he’s the best superhero ever.”