Campus Speak--QUESTION: if you won the lotto, what's the first thing you would do or buy?

DEL WRIGHT ’05 “I’d take a trip to Europe for a year because the drinking age is 18.”

DAREN CHEATHAM ’02 “I’d buy my own island, just to hang out.”

ALICIA CARRASCO ’03 “Buy a farm with chickens and a cow. And I’d live there.”

MELISSA MARTINEZ ’04 “Help my family back in Colombia and the Dominican Republic.”

OLIVIA D’AMBROSIO ’05 “There’s this Patagonia jacket that I really, really want.”

RICH LEE ’04 “I’d buy an island in the South Pacific, declare independence and name it ‘Richland.'”

JORGE PESCHIERA ’02 “I’d try to give some to charity and just never work again.”

BRANDON CODY ’04 “I’d never win the lotto, so I’m not even thinking about that.”