Club Focus

Created by the SGO last spring under the leadership of club president Andrew Doss ’03, AIIGHT has many plans for this year, including an all-school campout, monthly student art shows and a lock-in in Alumni Gym.

“A need has always been there,” explained club member Rajiv D’Cruz ’02. “But until the club was formed, no one really took the initiative to act on ideas that people had thought of but never made into concrete realities.”

AIIGHT welcomes all students, letting anyone who wishes to get involved propose new ideas and take on responsibilities.

The first project that AIIGHT will focus on is the formation of the Fun Union Squad and a Pep Band, which will work together to boost spirit during sporting events. They plan to wear colonial wigs and stockings in order to get the full Lord Jeff effect.

The club hopes to have this project completed in the next few weeks, in time to work with Social Council to set up a real spirit week for Homecoming.

Since AIIGHT is a relatively new organization on campus, its members are looking forward to this year as the opportunity to tackle long-term projects that they could not institute last year.

“We were not able to accomplish much last spring because we did not have a budget yet,” explained Doss. This year, with funding from the College and an impressive show of student interest at their first meeting of the year, AIIGHT is ready to take on larger endeavors, such as a planned diversity celebration show this winter.

“It’s just about getting people involved in the life of the campus,” Doss explained. “We’re trying to get everyone to take ownership in the school and to open people’s eyes to how much fun we can have if we do things together.”