Club Focus

Vincent’s Ear, the brainchild of Andy Reed ’03, Jon Schneider ’03 and Morgan Worth ’03, aims to inundate the campus with, well, art. The trio decided last year that the campus was lacking in public displays of student artwork. Over the summer, the three developed a mission statement for the club: “To bring art to the public spaces on campus and to involve students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in the arts.”

Because of their great success at this year’s activities fair, where they commandeered a booth and pelted potential members with cereal, the Ear was able to collect enough names to win a healthy budget from the SGO. The guerrilla artists have used these funds to purchase strange props with which they hope to raise the student body’s awareness of and appreciation for the many forms that art can take.

In addition to the aforementioned body sculpture display, the club plans to purchase a slide projector to project images onto buildings at night-“everything from famous paintings to the bat signal,” according to Worth. The Ear’s primary goal for the year is, however, to erect a wall on one of the campus’ main quads on which students can paint murals.

In keeping with the club’s mission, Schneider emphasizes that “the mural could be repainted every few months to create a changing environment on campus.” Reed, Schneider and Worth hope to finish negotiations with the deans in the near future, so that construction can begin shortly.

The Ear does not want the wall to become the campus’s primary association with the club. At the

club’s inaugural meeting, Schneider emphasized the desire to create artwork which reflects the diversity of the school’s population. Suggestions ranged from a storytelling festival to a body sculpture of members clad in black posing in front of a large wall painted purple.

Whether these activities pique the interest of every member of the community is not the issue for club members. Vincent’s Ear will be happy if they simply have helped those who roam the campus find a new form of art that they can better appreciate and understand.