Club Focus: Taekwondo Club

“Forms, self-defense, Olympic-style sparring and board-breaking are all practiced throughout the course of a semester,” said club president Richard Lee ’04

“Each meeting is different. We warm up and stretch and then we go through different drills for kicking and sparring,” explained Adam David ’06, a member of the club. “Drills might range from strength drills to sparring matches.”

No experience is necessary to be a part of the Taekwondo Club. Though some members have had prior exposure to Taekwondo, most gain their first experiences by attending club meetings.

“Training really begins at the most basic level, with Mark explaining in detail the purpose and proper way to perform each kick and technique,” Lee said. “This knowledge is useful to those who are new and is a good refresher for those who have previous training,” he added.

As the school year progresses, the training becomes more difficult as the students’ skills become honed. “More advanced kicks are added to the repertoire, and forms, self defense and sparring are introduced,” Lee explained. “Some club members enjoy the mental discipline and rigorous practice required for some of the forms.”

Many students find that the Taekwondo club is an exciting and popular martial art to get involved with. “It provides a different style of martial arts,” David said. “It’s a lot of fun.”