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University of Maryland students confess to cheating on a final exam:

The 12 students allegedly used cell phones or personal digital assistants during the exam to access the answer key posted online, but were caught because the professor’s post was intentionally erraneous. Some students and faculty view the instructor’s bogus answer key as a shifty form of entrapment designed to try to make the students cheat. However, the majority of the campus community applauded the professor’s actions, according to The Diamondback.

The students who have already confessed will receive an XF on their transcripts, denoting failure due to academic dishonesty, according to The Diamondback. In a year, they will have the opportunity to take a course in academic integrity. If they pass, the X will be removed from their transcript.

According to the Office of Judicial Programs at Maryland, there has been a 200 percent increase in the number of cheating cases over the last two years, The Diamondback reported.

Actress Jane Fonda withdraws most of her $12.5 million promise to Harvard Graduate School of Education: Harvard’s Graduate School of Education expects a budget deficit this year after the withdrawal of the majority of a $12.5 million pledge by actress Jane Fonda, according to The Boston Globe.

Actress Jane Fonda withdraws most of her $12.5 million promise to Harvard Graduate School of Education:

Harvard officials have said that the developments were the result of a mutual decision by Harvard and Fonda to “scale back” due to concerns created by the weak economy. The primary effect of the withdrawal is the termination of the school’s plans to create a major research center on gender in education. Fonda’s associates told The Globe that she grew impatient with the university’s slow movement in establishing the center.

Fonda planned to name the endowed professorship for former Harvard professor Carol Gilligan, who inspired the pledge. Gilligan was planning to leave the university at the time the grant was announced.