A Letter from the Department of History Regarding Disability and Inclusion

This letter was written by the Department of History in response to an opinion article by students on the college’s disability policies published in The Amherst Student on March 8.

To The Roosevelt Institute at Amherst,

The faculty of the History Department enthusiastically endorses your work to engage the entire college community in a discussion of disability and inclusion at the college. The college has made substantial progress in raising awareness about the barriers faced by many communities at the college, and this awareness is the first stage of an ongoing process of education, discussion and affirmation of belonging. We agree that all of the college’s resources should be accessible to the entire community, not only as a necessary part of Amherst’s mission as an institution devoted to scholarship and learning, but also as an essential component of the open curriculum that is the foundation of the Amherst education. We look forward to supporting your initiatives, and the initiatives of the Office of Student Affairs and Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in whatever way we can, in the classroom and in the larger community.


The Faculty of the History Department:
Ellen Boucher
Jun Cho
Frank Couvares
Sergey Glebov
Adi Gordon
Alec Hickmott
Mary Hicks
Rick López
Jen Manion
Trent Maxey
Ted Melillo
Hilary Moss
Sean Redding
Monica Ringer
Dwaipayan Sen
John Servos
April Trask
Vanessa Walker