Letter from the Department of History

Dear students,

The Department of History supports the students in their quest for a more equitable and just society, and for the creation of a more inclusive community at the college. We have been moved, humbled, and inspired by the testimonies that students of color and their allies have shared in Frost Library over the past few days, and we take seriously their demands for addressing the various forms of structural racism, inequalities, and everyday forms of discrimination on our campus. We are committed to using our classrooms to engage with the broadest range of opinions and to better understand the entrenched problems of inequality in our society, which so often are the products of interwoven historical forces. We applaud our students for taking action on this important issue, and will continue to listen and learn as they shine a light on the struggles of marginalized people at Amherst, in the local community, and globally. This moment presents an opportunity to emerge as a more united community that values and reflects the diversity of experiences and perspectives within the Amherst College family.

The Department of History
Ellen Boucher
Jun Hee Cho
Frank Couvares
Jerry Dennerline
Sergey Glebov
Adi Gordon
Alec Hickmott
Mary Hicks
Rick Lopez
Trent Maxey
Ted Melillo
Hilary Moss
Sean Redding
Monica Ringer
Tracie Rubeck
Martha Saxton
Dwaipayan Sen
John Servos
April Trask
Vanessa Walker