Letter to the Editor

Professors Catherine Sanderson, Lisa Raskin, Amy Demorest, Matt Schulkind, Buffy Aries, JP Baird and Sarah Turgeon write in from the Psychology department regarding recent campus events.

The College has been addressing a very difficult issue these past few weeks; we appreciate the work of students, staff and administration who have come forward to bring matters of sexual violence and its aftermath to light. As senior members of the Psychology Department we want to add our voices to the concern of the community regarding this disturbing matter.

We also feel it important at this time to acknowledge colleagues in the Dean of Students’ office, the Counseling Center and the Health Education office who have provided professional wisdom and sensitive help to us and our students over the years. These colleagues have played a crucial role in enabling many students to succeed at this college by helping them cope with difficult academic, personal and family issues. We look forward to the community’s continuing work to improve policies and procedures concerning sexual violence on campus.