Mammoth Moments in Miniature: Feb. 23 to March 1

Mammoth Moments in Miniature provides quick updates on notable campus news that occurred during the week. In this week’s installment: a snow day, Grammarly Premium, and more.

College Closes Operations for Campus-wide Snow Day on Friday

Due to the high level of snowfall on Friday, Feb. 25, the college closed its operations and issued a campus-wide snow day. The college reopened on Saturday after the snowfall ceased.

Fifth Annual Community Promise Poem Takes Place on Mar. 1

As part of the Peer Advocates’ annual Community Promise campaign, community members were asked to answer a single prompt about honoring their needs in their relationships. Their answers were compiled as a collective poem, which was read out loud at a Community Promise event on Tuesday, Mar. 1.

College Hosts Talks About the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The college hosted several talks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine following the first attacks on Feb. 23. On Saturday, Feb. 26, Model UN organized a talk from Karl Loewenstein Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science Gustavo Salcedo. The Department of Political Science hosted a virtual teach-in titled “The Significance of Russia’s War Against Ukraine” on Monday, Feb. 28, at which several different faculty members spoke.

AAS Gives Students Access to Grammarly Premium

On Feb. 28, the Association of Amherst Students sent an email announcing that all students  now have access to Grammarly Premium membership. The membership includes over 400 checks and features to help with writing, and was sent directly to students over email on Feb. 28.