Mammoth Moments in Miniature: Oct. 25 to Oct. 31

Mammoth Moments in Miniature provides quick updates on campus happenings. This week's edition features new investments in the town, Valentine Dining Hall tours, restorative circles about Israel/Palestine, and changes to late-night at Val.

Investment in Town Community

Amherst College has committed an initial $1.325 million to the local community, President Michael Elliott said on Tuesday. The donation includes a $1 million gift to the Jones Library for its renovation and expansion project, as well as donations of $250,000 to the Cooley Dickinson Hospital for its emergency department renovation and $75,000 to the Drake arts and cultural performance venue for sustained programming, according to a press release. The college also plans to pursue further partnerships with the school and fire department.

Valentine Dining Hall Tours

Valentine Dining Hall tours will be offered through the Office of Sustainability. The 30-minute long tour starts in the atrium and is led by Executive Sous Chef Bill Fett.

Restorative Practice Circles

The Centers for Restorative Practices and Religious and Spiritual Life are hosting facilitated circles focused on the personal impact of violence in Israel and Gaza. There are circles scheduled for November 1 and more to be announced.

Late-night Changes

Beginning Nov. 1, late-night at Valentine Dining Hall will only be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as these days have the highest demand, according to the Amherst College Dining Instagram. Late-night was previously offered on Fridays as well.