the personals: questions for Sarah Harper '07

There are a lot of subtle differences. For example, there seem to be a lot less McDonalds per capita, which surprisingly bothers me. There are a lot of prep schools out here, which are virtually nonexistent in the Midwest. Obviously, the traffic is worse. The one major difference that I see is that people are just harder to get to know. In general, everyone is very friendly on the coast, especially here at Amherst. But I find the environment to be more competitive and busy, as opposed to the more laid-back and openly friendly atmosphere at home.

What’s it like going to school with a sibling?

I don’t mind being at Amherst with Nick [Harper ’05]. I actually really appreciate his presence. It’s nice to see a familiar face on campus, especially for a freshman like me. However, it can get a little funny when people who should be complete strangers seem to know exactly who I am.

What did you hate about high school? What do you miss about high school?

I went to one of three public high schools in my town, and all of my classes were under one roof. I really hated having to be at that building from 7:40 a.m. until 3:03 p.m. It’s just hard to go without daylight for seven hours and still maintain one’s sanity. I really miss all of the friendships I had during high school, because they weren’t just four-year relationships. These were people that I’d known since pre-school, and it’s still hard being so far away from familiarity.

Everyone has an awkward stage-tell us about yours.

Disregarding the fact that upon reflection, my entire life appears to be one ginormous awkward stage, I guess I’d have to say that my early childhood was a bit peculiar. I had two best friends, one guy and one girl, neither of which really wanted much to do with each other. So, I spent half of my summers playing Street Fighter and baseball, and the other half fighting over who got to have the good Ken when we played Barbie. We only had one legitimate Ken, the other was a Barbie doll with a shaved head � I told you � awkward.

Have you been to any good concerts recently?

No, the closest I’ve gotten to being a concert lately is dancing in my room to the most eclectic music collection known to mankind. But I did go to see “Rent” at UMass two weeks ago. It was fantastic.

What book would you like to make the whole world read?

I would have everyone read whichever book they wanted. It’s so often that people-especially college students-don’t get to read for fun. So, if I could, I’d give everyone time to read a book of their choice. I’d choose to reread “The Big Friendly Giant” by Roald Dahl or “It’s Not About the Bike” by Lance Armstrong-just in case any of you want to emulate me.

What is it you enjoy about playing golf?

It’s by far the most difficult sport that I’ve ever played, and I love the challenge. Without a doubt, it’s left me bitterly disappointed more often than not, but there’s always that shot that I hit that feels and looks so perfect as it leaves my clubface that I comeback begging for more the next time. That, and who doesn’t enjoy a four-hour-long stroll?

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

There’s nothing like chocolate chip pancakes with extra hot syrup to get you going in the morning and have you running for the bathroom during a history lecture. Oh, and don’t forget the skim milk, that’s a must.

Are you planning on seeing the third “Matrix” this week?

Oh, it’s in theatres? Whoops. If anyone wants to join me, I was planning on watching the classic of classics, “Tommy Boy,” for the trillionth time.

Where do you hang out on campus?

107 Stone, baby! Forgive me for the short list, but I’m still a freshman, you know.

-Priyanka Jacob