This Week in Amherst History

The policy they were protesting forbade cohabitation in the dormitories; males were not allowed to take females into North and South. The demonstration was led by the Women in Dorms coalition and involved 23 women marching through North. One female participant described the demonstration as “very solemn,” and said that it was exhilirating “because you didn’t know what was about to happen.” Another added, “I was surprised they actually went through with it.” This was the first protest at the College, but other campuses were also protesting similar policies.

Many members of the faculty supported the concept behind the protest. Professor of Biology Henry Yost said, “Sure I think the dorms should be opened. It’s where you live, and you should be able to have your friends in it.” To solve the conflict he further advised, “Get the parents to agree, take the College off the hook, and you’ve got it made.”