This Week in Amherst History: Nov. 11, 1991

The Council announced that the arts theme house would move from Marsh to Milliken and that the Asian Culture House (ACH) would claim Marsh for the next academic year. The fourth floor of Moore, usually reserved for the ACH, would be opened up for room draw, The Student reported. “The lack of space was the reason why the theme houses were up for re-evaluation,” said College Council member Megan Carr ’93 to The Student.

“Both the theme houses have merit,” said Dean of Students Ben Lieber. “[But] each theme house that gets approved ends up taking good housing from the general housing pool.”

The Council also reaffirmed its decision not to establish a Green House, an environmentally-concious theme house. Anand Pandian ’94, who supported the plan, was not surprised that the Council refused to support the proposal. “This project was perceived by some as elitist,” he said. He also suggested that the house did not have sufficient support from the student body.

A separate proposal to create a second co-operative house that would be more concerned with environmentalism than the existing Humphries Co-op was also rejected. It was turned down because of zoning concerns and a decision by the Trustees to establish only one co-op on campus.