Two suspects may be linked to vehicle break-ins

John J. Calver, Jr., 26, and his brother, David Calver, 23, were caught breaking into vehicles in the parking lot of Longmeadow High School, according to Longmeadow Police Sergeant Robert Danio. Upon arrest, both suspects gave false names, but police were able to determine their identities.

“There was a short vehicle chase with one of them, and the other fled on foot,” said Danio.

Longmeadow Police were able to recover a large zippered case of CDs, worth between $2,000 and $3,000, which belonged to a College student.

Danio said that the two brothers were involved in break-ins in other parts of Western Massachusetts.

“I know they’re directly tied in with South Hadley, West Springfield and Amherst College,” said Danio.

“They stole my CD/stereo, and they broke the window and ripped up half the dashboard,” said Jamuna Kelley ’02, whose vehicle was broken into in the O’Connell lot. “It seemed like they were targetting older cars that looked like they didn’t have car alarms but had expensive stereos.”

Both brothers had outstanding warrants, and they are being held pending pretrial conference at the Hampden Country Correctional Center at Stonybrook.

According to Assistant Chief of Campus Police Edwin Zaniewski, one of the suspects made a statement in an interview with Campus Police admitting to the break-ins at the College.

According to Danio, both brothers were charged with “10 or 11” counts, ranging from breaking and entering to larceny of items valued at $250 or more to charges related to giving false names upon arrest.