Website of the Week

Ever dream of taking over the world as an ameboid? Think again because that’s not going to get you any chicks-according to one of’s top 10 lists, which considers sex appeal to be “one of the most important parts of supervillainy.”

Complete with sections devoted to video games, movies and random humor, serves up endless entertainment everyday.

The game tip sections have everything a gamer could want, including reviews, previews, hints and cheats. But even if you despise video games, has goodies for you.

Be sure to check out the daily picture and horoscope on the site’s main page and the “Direct Hits” section, which is home to countless best-of lists, including “the 10 sexiest women of hell.” You can also reinvent yourself using a mobster name generator or give yourself a heavy metal makeover.

The nostalgic can take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about lunch box fads and junior high slap fights. “Back to School Week” may bring back more memories than you care to remember, but at least you’ll be fashionably chic for your first day of class next semester. Sadly, underoos are a not the hippest item of the season.