Website of the Week

Ever wanted to watch brightly colored hamsters, elephants and even ferrets dancing perkily across a computer screen? Animated Critter Links makes this dream possible without the aid of hallucinogenic drugs.

This site specializes in pages that feature dancing animals, objects and characters in popular media. Although this site is just a little bit too cutesy, its good points come through before the gag reflex kicks in.

Options include the Naughty Squirrel, the Multiplying Bunny and even the somewhat macabre Saturday Bite Fever, which allows vampires and bats to get in on the action. My favorite is the Furby Dance, although I have to admit that a screen full of gyrating Furbies is a little terrifying and reminiscent of the movie “Gremlins.”

One of the Webmaster’s newest creations is The Bootscoot Boogie page, which features cowboy boots dancing to your choice of country favorites and invites you to “hoedown with the hayseeds.”

This site is clearly run by someone with way too much time on his hands. So the next time you start to get too stressed, go to Animated Critter Links and see what happens when people really lose it.