Website of the week

Finally, a website that’s all business. Sorry, but this week’s feature won’t give you a free t-shirt or let you rate people’s attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. But there are other concerns in life. This website will give you one thing: a leg up on the competition. The competition, in this case, being the cops. The bacon. The po-po. is a searchable database of reported speed traps by location. In a convenient disclaimer, claims that its purpose is to help “alert drivers” drive safely by telling them where they should drive more carefully. The website compiles its information through submissions from victims of speedtraps, and the accuracy is startling. In my town, there is an infamous speedtrap: undercover cops sit at a gas station at a certain intersection, waiting for the oblivious high school student or soccer mom to drive by at anything over 31 miles per hour. It is brutal; I always take the long way around when I’m home. After searching by zip code in the database, I found that speedtrap listed, along with others in my town that I didn’t know existed.