Website Of The Week

Meet Eric. In time, he will become one of your best friends. To get to know him, log on to Eric Conveys an Emotion, where he posts photos of himself acting out various feelings and situations.

The site starts off with the basics: happiness, sadness, anger, fear. Then it quickly moves into more creative and consequently more hilarious “emotions,” ranging from “motherly love” (in which Eric bites the head of a plastic doll) to “morning after horror/disbelief” (which shows Eric in bed with his hand clapped over his mouth and his brow furrowed).

My favorites are not the outrageous displays of emotion but familiar scenarios like “sarcastic respect for authority figures” or “faked surprise,” which are funny because one immediately recognizes the reality in them.

Eric Conveys an Emotion quickly travels into the land of ludicrous, but that’s what makes it so great. Who could ask for anything more than a guy acting out “just realized you bought the wrong fabric softener,” “my foot is on fire” and “being born”?

Actually, you could-most of the photos come from requests. So go ahead: ask Eric to convey an emotion, and watch the ridiculousness unfold.