2021-2022 AAS E-Board Candidate Statements

The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) will hold elections on April 15 for five executive board members, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Judiciary Council Chair. On that day, students will receive an email with a ballot page to vote. The following candidates submitted blurbs to AAS to be published in The Student, and they will be on the ballot for these executive positions. Speech night for candidates will be held on April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on Zoom. Candidates will answer questions from other students about their platforms.


Angelina Han ’22: I want to amplify the great work already being done by student leaders on our campus and collaborate with them so [that] much-needed changes can be seen on our campus. I want to focus on the continued push for the Reclaim Amherst demands, increasing collaboration with our Five College Consortium, getting resources for FLI students and students of color and expanding sustainability initiatives on campus. As vice president this past year, I have worked on increasing [the] accessibility of AAS and hope to continue to make cultural changes so AAS is not so separate from the student body.

Brooke Harrington ’22: I will focus on improving the student experience by both pushing to return to the things that make Amherst special and also addressing systemic issues on campus, such as armed police officers and overwhelmed mental health services. During my three years on AAS, I made the Budgetary Committee more accessible, fought for more diversity among the faculty while on the Committee of Educational Policy and set aside tens of thousands of dollars for students to get home safely when Covid hit. I will continue to be a consistent voice for student interests to the administration as your president.

Vice President:

Basma Azzamok ’22: It’s important to have a representative who understands the needs of students and ensures that those needs are being addressed. As a FLI student, I will be an advocate for our needs and concerns. Through the vice-presidential role, I plan on holding AAS to the highest standards, working to implement initiatives that improve the relationship between AAS and students while holding senators accountable for their actions. I am committed to continuing anti-racism work and hope to contribute through the creation of caucuses within the Senate. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

James Hulsizer ’23: The Senate perennially suffers from diffuse responsibility and burnout. As vice president, it will be my responsibility to create an action-centered culture. In this effort, we can prioritize the needs of our classmates over red tape. We are a community of students, not our own adversary. I’ll transform the Senate into what it should be: a place of deliberation, community, accountability and creativity, one that recognizes equity as a necessary premise for a successful college experience. I’ll deliver more than just emails: I’ll deliver equity and action. Vote for James Hulsizer for vice president on April 15.


There are no entries for the Secretary position.


Jae Yun Ham ’22: Right now, as our campus faces important decisions for the AAS budget in the next year, it is important that we have people with the experience and the dedication to lead our student body into the future. As a senator and a member of the budgetary committee for the last three years, I have worked to institute free printing [and] laundry, fair and open budgets and support for the FLI community. As treasurer, I will work to ensure that the Budget Committee’s policies are clear [and] equitable, and that people have access to the funding they need and deserve.

Sydney Ireland ’23: Hi Amherst! Here are examples of recent and relevant leadership initiatives and positions I’m involved with:

  • Amherst College Senator (2 years)
  • Member of Budgetary Committee
    • Organized an account where, when clubs request funds for subscriptions (such as Zoom webinars) we use our money most efficiently by consolidating those requests into one Gmail [inbox].
  • Committee on Priorities and Resources, Mental Health Committee, Five College Coordinating Board
  • Presidential Covid Task Force Member
  • Advocate for inclusion in the Boy Scouts

I’d use these experiences to demonstrate my commitment to Amherst. I have innovative ideas, like the consolidated account, and welcome your ideas ([email protected]).

Judiciary Council Chair:

Jasper Liles ’23: I’ve spent my time on the Judiciary Council studying [the AAS] Constitution, which has convinced me that AAS, and the Judiciary Council specifically, has the ability to do much more to positively affect our community. The Judiciary Council has the potential to be the conscience of our student government, assuring that AAS decisions are rational, efficient and, above all, equitable. If elected, I will commit myself to ensuring that the Judiciary Council becomes a just and powerful resource for all students.