AAS executive board election statements


Issa Abdulcadir ’06: As a student once more apathetic than motivated to claim this environment as my own, I realized that although I was not concerned with the College’s politics, this political context is inescapable. Realizing this, I made the decision to present myself as an electoral candidate. A sincere and compassionate person whose greatest external motivation is helping others realize their potential to affect change, I understand that educating the student body to the role of the AAS would be a step towards recognizing our collective power and responsibility and a significant stride towards systematically redefining what this College means to each of us.

Issa Abdulcadir ’06

Rania Arja ’06: In my two years as senator, in addition to serving on several committees, I have initiated and coordinated the Bradley Shuttle Trips and I have headed the sophomore class council committee that bought the top 52 DVDs now cataloged in Frost Library. However, as tuition prices increase, and parking and phone service decisions are made by the administration, a strong case for student interests and concerns should be made. Yet a gap exists between the senate and the remainder of the student body. As president, I would like to bridge this gap and integrate student involvement so that we no longer accept the proverbial plate we continue to be handed.

Rania Arja ’06

Elan Ghazal ’05: Our student government is in dire need of a proactive leader in the office of president. The president’s job is to act as a unifier of the student body, its representative to the faculty, administration and senate. The role requires strong leadership in committees, the senate and open forums to be arranged by the president. As president I would organize the AAS to be responsible for student interests rather than centering the bulk of its activity in club funding allocations. Please see my plan for my platform: erghazal.

Elan Ghazal ’05

Molibi Maphanyane ’06: I’m Molibi Maphanyane. If you know me, you trust me. If you don’t, you should. I stand for strong leadership, proud representation of our student population, and for an Amherst that would be a Camelot among colleges. I have senate experience; I served on the budgetary committee and Health and Safety Committee. I know the administration through being an RC and an involved member of this community. Most of all, I have the presence to be seen, heard and spoken to. I promise three things in my term: to hear you, to speak for you and to answer you.

Molibi Maphanyane ’06

Ryan Park ’05: As your president, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the interests of the student body are heard and addressed. Over the past year, I have led with the steady, capable hands needed to move the AAS past scandal and towards legitimate representation. Moreover, I have implemented an ambitious agenda on issues ranging from The New York Times program to the Honor Code. It is my hope to build upon my experience and continue working towards the fulfillment of a determined yet sensible agenda that I hope will refocus the school’s attention on what matters most: students’ needs and desires.

Ryan Park ’05

Vice President

Vice President

David Scherr ’05: I would like to serve as vice president to ensure a climate of respect and responsiveness in the AAS senate.  Through the faculty committees they sit on, senators can create real change in college planning and policy. I hope to avert future miscommunications between the administration and student body, and I will work to make the senate a forum for discussions of, and publicity about, issues of concern for the student body. In addition, as senate parliamentarian and one of the original drafters of the AAS constitution, I have the experience and knowledge to effectively run the senate meetings.

David Scherr ’05

Judiciary Council Chair

Judiciary Council Chair

Viet Do ’06: As you know, this is not the first time that I’m running for JC chair. Still, I would once again like to stress the importance of the JC as the branch in charge of the club review and recognition process as well as the revision of the constitution. The role of the JC chair is to oversee these processes and to ensure they are run smoothly. The importance of this position requires a lot of dedication and determination and I feel confident in my ability to fulfill it, no matter how much effort it might demand. Finally, I promise, if elected, to maintain my effort throughout the entire one-year term.

Viet Do ’06

Ryan Smith ’07: As promised in my first campaign, I am running for re-election, not quitting like the last two judiciary council chairs.  Also, as promised, I have worked hard and added strong leadership to the position. There have been complaints, club recognitions and problems in the senate; all were handled. When you cast your vote, vote for experience, because a vote for me will be a vote for continued hard work and success.

Ryan Smith ’07



Ian Shin ’06: Allocating funds is the most important job of the AAS. It requires impartiality, experience, accountability and good communication skills. I will bring these qualities to the position of treasurer. As a senator, I have served two stints on the budgetary committee. I am familiar with student needs through my many involvements. My current work to reorganize the yearbook has prepared me for the challenges of being treasurer. I pledge to build openness and ethics in funding deliberations, to find a solution to club sports funding, to process check requests efficiently and to fight for administrative support for student programs.

Ian Shin ’06