AAS mid-term election statements

Class of ’06 senators

There are three spots open for the class of 2006.

Jon Godsall ’06

I may not have George Bush’s wit nor John Kerry’s sweet hair. I may not know how to pose with babies and I wasn’t that popular with the female interns last summer. My grandfather did always say that I had a little Dick Nixon in me. Though, after Poly Sci with Machala I’ve come to resent that. Like the great Calvin Coolidge, affectionately known as “Silent Cal,” I’m in the process of getting a well-rounded liberal arts education. However, that doesn’t really distinguish me from the other candidates. I’m hard working, dedicated and keen to improve the school.

Emily Silberstein ’06

I would like to see the Senate broaden its focus and get in touch with a larger range of issues. From the hours of the health center, to the smelly rug in front of Vals, to the job resources in the Career Center- there are many dissatisfactory services that students deal with day-to-day and are not given a forum to express their frustration. If elected, I would promote a program that did research on student satisfaction with different aspects of the College and work to make necessary improvements. In addition, I would fight for ways to get more input from the student body.

Matt Vanneman ’06

In my two years on the Senate, I have found that review and recognition is a process that is important for club operations, but has become burdensome for both clubs and the AAS. A reform of this process that allows for it to operate more efficiently would generate more useful information while being less of a headache for both parties. Specifically, reducing the frequency of review and recognition for well-established clubs would allow the JC more time to examine and help new and burgeoning clubs. As a senator, I plan on creating a policy solution to this problem.

Judiciary Council

There are two spots open on the Judiciary Council (JC).

Jia-Jia Jhu ’08E

Along with my colleagues, I have made fun off ASS … I mean AAS. What do they do? Do they even do anything? Well, I read our (student) constitution (or is it Constitution)-most of it, at least-and the branches of AAS appear to oversee many functions.

I am running for a Judiciary Council position because I cannot run for a junior or a senior class senator position … but hey, who will volunteer to start a petition for an amendment to allow me to do so? Also, I wish to note that I am running particularly on behalf of the ‘Es.

Frank Park ’07

“We should shine a light on, a light on. And the book of right-on is right on, it was right on,

I killed my dinner with karate� kick ’em in the face, taste the body;

shallow work is the work that I do.

Do you want to sit at my table?

My fighting fame is fabled and fortune finds me fit and able.”

Joanna Newsom, “Book of Right-On,” Milk-Eyed Mender

Caitlyn Phan ’07E

Any institution is as strong as the constitution it upholds. The JC in its own way does this for our little bubble at Amherst. I hope to join the JC so that I can do just that-uphold the ideals of our community. So vote Caitlyn Phan.

Daniel Wilkenfeld ’06

My analytic mind, interest in constitutional law and possession of free time probably make me at least basically qualified to serve on the Judiciary Council. I will probably be sad if I lose.

Tim Zeiser ’07

I’m Tim Zeiser and I approve this message: Over the past two years, Amherst College has become my home. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know many of you, and the connections I’ve made have shown me that the students of Amherst are the College’s most valuable asset. I seek membership in the Judiciary Council because I feel compelled to strengthen my bond to Amherst College, through service and leadership. As a member of the JC, I’ll provide a level-headed yet strong voice. I’ll see it to that justice is served in the Senate, for you, my friends and fellow students.