'Any Given Sunday' Hits Hard On And Off Field

On a team full of personalities such as a hard-hitting Lawrence Taylor and “too cool” running back LL Cool J, Foxx assumes the leadership role from an over-the-hill, newly injured Dennis Quaid.

The plot is split between daily travails on the football field and the lives of the players off the field. The movie addresses career lengths and personality clashes between players and coaches in a world of stardom and fast money. The characterizations emphasize the animalistic nature of the players (one of the film’s lessons: don’t piss off the wrong person, or he might, say, cut your new car in half).

Even the locker room scenes tackle real conundrums such as balancing trying to win with maintaining the player’s health. The movie peaks in a scene where Foxx and Pacino’s characters clash over attitude and dedication and remains gripping throughout by providing on and off field drama.