Ask Doc Tyler

I’m a freshman in a triple, and have been having major personality conflicts with my roommates. I’m very easygoing, but their blatant disrespect for my space, sleep, studying etc. has begun to make me crazy. The only options for me to move to are a one double in another dorm. Either way, I end up living with strangers. Should I try to make the move and risk

getting even worse roommates or

deal for the rest of the year?

-Suffocated in South

Dear Suffocated,

Because I was president of Amherst when it was all males and much smaller, there was never a problem with housing crunches. I suggest you transfer so that Amherst can regain its original 19th century size. If you don’t find this appealing, I suppose you could just suck it up and stay in your room. Room draw’s right around the corner and you can start dreaming about your sweet sophomore housing. Your room might be tiny, but you’ll be with friends.