Ask Doc Tyler

I’m at my wits’ end. All year, there has been one group of about seven boys in Moore who are consistently irresponsible at night, throwing wild parties with the TV room unreserved, playing some odd drinking game with ping pong balls and cups in the common spaces and exhibiting all-around raucous behavior. This is not acceptable. I specifically picked Moore in Room Draw last year because I wanted quiet, uninterrupted study, TV and sleep.

-Miffed in Moore

Dear Miffed,

Just a quick point of clarification before I give you a few bits of advice. The drinking game you are referring to, as it has been called since I was president of the College, is Beirut. Students during my time were a bit more creative and refined-they would try to toss rocks into jugs of whiskey. So, go out there and get some balls. Ping-pong, that is, so you can join in the action. College is a time to work hard and play hard.

Doc Tyler