Ask Doc Tyler

Some of my friends and I are having the Room Draw crisis to end all Room Draw crises. There are seven of us, all freshmen, going in together. There is one other friend who wants to live with us, who we definitely do not want to live with for several reasons. We still want to be friends with him, but need to tell him that he can’t be in our room group. He recently brought up the topic with many of us; what can we do?

-Stumped in Stearns

Dear Stumped,

Back in the day, many Amherst males were guaranteed a single because Greek life allowed us to build a house everytime we ran out of room. But fear not, all is not yet lost. Being friends with someone doesn’t always equate to being able to live with them. Explain this to him, expressing that you don’t want to lose your friendship with him over a tense living situation. Besides, as freshmen, the chances that you will all end up living together anyways is pretty slim, so you will probably have to split up.