Club Focus: Amherst Theater Group

The group’s mission statement affirms, “We wish to produce dramatic works that have significance to the Amherst community by reflecting issues that students face, whether they be cultural, social or political.” In accordance with their mission to produce work that is relevant to students, the group is run entirely by students. Just this past weekend, Amherst Theater managed the sound, lights, costumes and even the fight choreography for “F.O.B.”

Auditions are open to all, including five college students. In fact, the lead in “F.O.B.” was a Mount Holyoke senior. Katharine Liu ’03, who played Dionysius in “Polaroid Stories” appreciated that the group isn’t limited to theater and dance majors. “It lets us get in and act anyway,” said Liu.

Erica England ’02, another “Polaroid Stories” actress, also enjoyed participating in the play. “I got to learn about Asian culture … It was a good opportunity to develop my acting skills.”

Throughout April, the group has presented “Made in America,” a series of monologues and dialogues performed in various venues, including Valentine Dining Hall. On May 2, they will continue the readings at the Asian Culture House’s weekly cha.

This fall, the club will hold an organizational meeting with the aim of helping others to take charge. The founders will be graduating and they also will be working on theses. Although their efforts will be less hands-on, they do plan on advising those who will keep the camera rolling for Amherst Group Theater, hopefully for years to come.