Club Focus

Established in 1993, the Five-College chapter of Habitat for Humanity has remodeled and built homes for area families experiencing varying degrees of homelessness.

This year the organization plans to construct an entire home in the town of Amherst, an ambitious goal that they have not undertaken in recent years.

“In this project, it will be nice to see our work progress from start to finish,” said Will Rogers ’01, Habitat’s volunteer coordinator. “I see it as more of a personal investment when we are able to create something from nothing.”

Building will take place during six weekends of this semester, beginning Sept. 30 and concluding in November. The Five-College chapter has been working closely with the Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity on the project.

“They have helped a lot with the site and with obtaining volunteers to start the project,” said Sarah Scheessele ’01, president of the Five-College chapter. “We are really lucky to have their help.”

In addition, the family who will be receiving this new house must put in 300 hours of work toward their mortgage.

To raise funds for their efforts, Habitat has invited Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to come to Amherst. The franchise will have games set up carnival-style, in which students can participate in eating contests and quarter-tossing games to win free ice cream. The event will take place on Sept. 28, with a second visit tentatively scheduled for Oct. 5.

Habitat has high expectations for their goals in this eighth year of their existence. The organization is looking to recruit students of every level of building experience to aid them in their efforts this year.

“It’s a really great cause to be a part of and a very rewarding experience,” said Scheessele.