Up Next on the Queue: A&L's Spring 2021 Playlist

With the spring semester drawing to a close and summer rapidly approaching, finals are undoubtedly on everyone’s mind. 

To liven up your study sessions, the A&L team has put together a colorful array of unique songs that have frequented our playlists in these last few weeks of the semester. Although this collection is thematically disconnected, the beauty of our playlist is the wide variety of genres, from indie to hip-hop, EDM to rock, that make an appearance. We encourage you to take a casual stroll through and see what piques your interest! 

In whatever you choose to listen to, we hope that our playlist brings you some form of levity and comfort to what has been a challenging, tiresome semester.

Noah John ’21: “4U” by Pi’erre Bourne

My favorite song so far this year is “4U” by Pi’erre Bourne. Originally titled “Playstation” but changed due to clearance reasons, this song features Pi’erre musing over a sour relationship and reflecting on his success in the music industry. Sonically, the song features a familiar format for Pi’erre, with a hazy synth lead, repetitive hi-hats and bouncy 808s. However, it is his sharp lyricism and vocal performance that truly standout, helping further make the case for Pi’erre to be accepted as a solo artist, not just a prolific producer.

Lauren Kisare ’22: “Good Days” by SZA 

No matter how many random Spotify playlists I go through, this track continues to sneak its way into my daily rotation of songs. And for good reason. Characterized by a hypnotizing, nostalgic blend of guitar riffs and the calming sounds of nature, this bizarre but oddly comforting neo-soul song calls forth the return of good days, which feel in abundant need at the moment. 

Brooke Hoffman ’23E: “Down to One” by Luke Bryan 

A song I’ve been listening to a lot recently is “Down to One” by Luke Bryan. A catchy country song perfect for any and all drives down the roads of Western Mass, this song has quickly become a favorite on my Spotify playlist and has certainly been on repeat since the first time I heard it. 

Alex Brandfonbrener ’23: “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa

I have chosen this song from Dua Lipa’s second original album, “Future Nostalgia” (2020). It is the right mix of speeds so that it’s playable at any time of the day. Overall, it’s a vibe you can dance to but also study with. I recommend the rest of the album as well. 

Ross Kilpatrick ’23: “Satellite” by Guster

This song has great lyrics, accompanied by a simple guitar track, and strange sonic wailings. If I were to die in space, looking down at the pale blue dot, drifting into infinity, I imagine this is what it would sound like. And that’s what life feels like right now.

Theo Hamilton ’23: “Time to Quit” by Luna

This is my favorite song in the world to drive to right now. It opens with a few seconds of light strumming before the rhythm section and lead guitar come crashing in simultaneously and settle into a hypnotizingly spaced-out tune about warm weather and apathy. While the breezy, pretty slowness that dominates most of the song might get tiresome on its own, it is more than counterbalanced by a sped-up guitar solo and a prolonged outro that layers more and more elements into a relatively cacophonous conclusion.

Milo Leahy-Miller ’24: “Ageispolis” by Aphex Twin 

A song I’ve been listening to recently is “Ageispolis” by Aphex Twin. After being hounded by many of my friends and seeing it everywhere, I decided to finally listen to Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Works 85-92,” and I’m so glad I did. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of EDM, but this album blew my mind. It’s genius, pure and simple. It takes you away to another plane. The music is very ambient and has very little vocals. “Ageispolis” is my favorite track off of the album. The sounds from the keyboard melody combine with the two-chord vamp to hypnotize you. It feels like you’re being spoken to in some unknown language.

Eren Levine ’24: “Budapest” by George Ezra

I’ve been listening to “Budapest” by George Ezra a lot recently. I love the calm but catchy vibe of the song. Whenever it plays, I always want to sing along, and it ends up stuck in my head for days after. I’ve found that I can study and do work with “Budapest” playing, but it’s fun to listen to in other contexts as well. My friend recently created a playlist called “Smiles All Around,” and “Budapest,” along with many of my other favorite upbeat songs, are on it. This has become my go-to playlist whenever I’m listening to music, and I always make sure to play “Budapest” at least once! 

Yasmin Hamilton ’24: “Take Care” by SASAMI

A song I’ve been listening to a lot recently has been “Take Care” by SASAMI. It makes me feel like I am in a movie and is really nice to listen to if you feel mopey or mellow.