Visiting Scholar Goes Missing, Discovered Day Later in NH Woods

One day after the family of Mianmian Wang, a scholar visiting the college for the year, reported her missing on Nov. 29, she was located and contacted.

According to a flyer posted in each of the class Facebook groups, which was initially sourced from another page, Wang is from China and is currently visiting the college in the English department. The flyer’s caption noted that there was no one in her apartment when searched, and listed a phone number and WeChat username to contact with any information. “Her husband back in China is very worried. He has called the police and told the Chinese embassy in New York,” the flyer’s caption wrote.

The flyer has since been deleted in the class Facebook groups, though it remains posted in several UMass Amherst groups. One post on the UMass Free and for Sale page includes an update indicating that Wang was found on Nov. 30. According to the update, Wang was visiting a friend in a treehouse in New Hampshire, where her cell phone had no signal.

“The matter was initially brought to the attention of and investigated by the Amherst Police. ACPD [Amherst College Police Department], which works closely with the Amherst Police, also assessed the situation and determined that there was never a public safety threat to campus. The Amherst Police confirmed that the person was located and was safe,” Chief of ACPD John Carter said in a statement to The Student.