Website of the Week

He’s a sex god, a cult phenomenon and alive in a trailer park in the Midwest, possibly with aspirations of moving to Amherst in the coming year? Elvis’ legacy will probably never die and the effect that Elvis impersonators have on women cannot be overstated. Ladies swoon for a man with sideburns that can shake his hips like nobody’s business. For these deprived women, I recommend Chelvis, the Chinese Elvis.

At Chelvis’ official website, you learn about the magical night when the King of Wok and Roll was brought into the world. According to, in the hospital, “the boy had magically lost his diaper and was wearing a white jumpsuit with a gold plated belt buckle. Emblazoned on the belt buckle was one single word. That word was Chelvis.” Chelvis’ website also provides several wallpapers for all of his fans, including a shot of Chelvis in a western movie. Haven’t had enough? Check out the sights page where you can get a shot of Chelvis’ “Riceland” estate. After visiting this website, I’m sure you’ll know why Chelvis put the “POW!” in Kung Pao.