Website of the Week

Welcome to the cartoon capital of the Internet world, packed full of works by today’s most eclectic cartoonists.

Tired of hearing news anchors regurgitating the same biscuit of election news everyday? Find your way to Dennis Draughon’s pop culture cartoons, such as “The tribe has spoken: the latest recount in Florida gives the Presidency to the fat guy from Survivor.” And Kevin Kallaugher sketches Monica Lewinsky and disheveled fiancee Ralph Nader, who have found their mutual love in influencing the results of presidential races.

Rob Rogers’s sketch of Hillary Clinton at the World Series, cheering “Yahoo Yankees! Hurrah Mets!” while surrounded by angry, divided New York City baseball fans, will entertain city and country folk alike.

Even if political humor is not your thing, you’ll laugh at Gary Brookins’ coy cartoon of a dejected boy with back-to-school anxiety running a lemonade stand with a “Going Out of Business Final Days” sign.

The site also has links to a slew of cartoon magazines, newspaper comic strips, video animation and comic news-perfect for burning time while you’re skipping that boring intro class.

-Bob Razavi