Website of the Week

Have you ever found yourself saying “Why don’t they have … ?”

Well, you’ll be amazed-and probably disturbed-to discover all the bizarre inventions illustrated on the Totally Absurd Inventions and Patents website. The site is updated twice weekly and past entries are archived. Every bizarre invention has actually been patented.

Some of the inventions seem useful. Take your average Saturday night. How many times have you been at a party when the Solo cups run out or when a beer helmet just doesn’t cut it? Try the Keg Head, a personally-sized keg that you wear on your head. Or, when you go to TAP but your partner is not at your superior dancing level, simply slip into the Dance Fever, a flashing dance belt, and dance the night away. The site also features Toilet Landing Lights-affix these lights to your toilet to avoid costly dorm damage fees and the hassle of cleaning up. Illustrations of these ingenious inventions, plus many more, can be found on the site.