Website of the Week

Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her grandmother and meets the big, bad wolf. Well, not exactly. You thought you knew the story of Red Riding Hood, but here’s a new twist: a modern, animated version. This website, boasting creative and eye-catching graphics and animation, lets you click along with the narration of the story. The site’s creator describes his theories about his art as well as the concepts behind it. “Does point and click interactivity destroy the story?: the conversion of interactivity with narrative.” According to the introduction page, “There are secrets to be found in this story, some playful, some hard to deal with, so look hard, keep your eyes open, but get into the story itself … and yes you will have to point and click to see the story unravel.”

With this interesting website, you’re even in control of the ending and can choose different options for Red’s fate. At one point, the user can opt to let Red sleep in the colorfully active field of geometric flowers. For a very modern touch on a classic story, you must check out this interactive site.