Website of the Week

Of all the over-professional Internet sites devoted to obscure silliness, one site clearly takes the cake-or the cookie, as the case may be.

At, the Dough-boy-who stands 8 1/3 inches tall and weighs 14 ounces according to official stats-is the proprietor of his very own website, which, while affiliated with Pillsbury Co., stands alone as a cornucopia of campy but delicious goodies.

There’s something for everyone, from the practical (a search engine for Pillsbury recipes) to the whimsical (downloads of Doughboy chuckles) to the downright bizarre (a section devoted to the Doughboy’s mythical holidays at various vacation spots).

The site allows you to “Doughmail a friend” and take the “Doughboy Trivia Challenge”-but what will keep you coming back are the games.

“Catch a Cookie,” a simplified Tetris-style game, and “Find the Doughboy,” a challenge reminiscent of the card game Memory, are not particularly riveting, but you can’t beat the Doughboy when it comes to supplying the perfect amount of goofiness. And if you advance far enough, he delivers his patented “Woohoo!” giggle and makes an afternoon of Internet procrastination seem worthwhile.