Welcome, New News Writers!

Welcome, New News Writers!

If you would like to join the news team, please send an email to [email protected] and [email protected]. We look forward to adding to the list of names below!

Ani Graf ’24 — Ani is a first-year student planning to major in psychology from Waunakee, Wisconsin. In addition to writing for The Student, she looks forward to joining the rowing club. She loves reading, taking her German Shepard on hikes and trying new brands of Kombucha.

Fiona Anstey ’24 — Fiona is a first-year news writer from Tokyo, Japan. Fiona is an avid hiker, dog lover and Japanese stationery aficionado. She can often be found admiring mineral samples in Beneski and is a particular fan of galena. 

Jonathan Novak ’24 — Jonathan is a first-year writer from London, England. Jonathan plays for the men’s soccer team and is interested in chemistry and economics. After living in the city for his whole life, Jonathan enjoys being in a more rural and scenic environment at Amherst. You can contact Jonathan at [email protected].

Kathy Xing ’24 — Kathy is a first-year staff writer from San Jose, California. She is not yet sure what she wants to major in, although she is considering computer science or mathematics. When not working on articles, Kathy can be found hanging out in the main quad, studying in Frost or finding ways to acquire fresh fruit.

Maxim Melnichuk ’24 — Maxim is a first-year news writer from Demarest, New Jersey. He’s a swimmer, hiker and avid language-learner. He can often be found on the farm watching the sunrise in the mornings or in the Science Center drinking coffee, studying or hanging out with friends.

Tana DeLalio ’24 — Tana is a first-year staff writer. She is from Long Island, New York and plans to major in economics and law, jurisprudence and social thought.

Yee-Lynn Lee ’23 — Yee-Lynn is a sophomore staff writer. She is from Eldersburg, Maryland, and is considering majoring in economics and mathematics. When she has the time, Lynn enjoys playing music and reading Chinese literature. She is also continuing to explore new passions and interests, both inside the classroom and beyond.