Natalie De Rosa '21

Staff Writer

Councilors Boost Local Politics Amid Housing Fallout

Three town councilors addressed students during an AAS meeting on Feb. 17 to discuss the town’s involvement in constructing an affordable housing site at 132 Northampton Road, upcoming proposals in the town of Amherst and methods for students to get involved in local politics.

A New Time for Media Literacy

In their first issue as official Editors-in-Chief, Natalie De Rosa ’21 and Olivia Gieger ’21 discuss the importance of honoring Student Press Freedom Day and announce the Student’s new media literacy campaign.

New Policy Sets Regulations for Protests

The college has implemented a new policy addressing student protests and free expression. Part of an annual update to the Student Code of Conduct, the policy is the first of its kind at Amherst and was introduced alongside another policy concerning facilities and ground use.