Terras Irradient: The Catacombs Historian

Host Andrew Rosin ’25 is joined by a frequent visitor of the Frost Library Catacombs — Amherst College alumnus and historian George H. Nash ’67.

If you’ve ever studied in the “C-Level” of Frost Library — colloquially known as “the Catacombs” — there’s a good chance you’ve worked next to George H. Nash ’67. Who is Mr. Nash? He’s a scholar of American conservatism and a biographer of Herbert Hoover. He was a student at Amherst College when John F. Kennedy gave a speech at the dedication ceremony for Frost Library. And today, he’s a loyal user of the Frost Library Catacombs. On this episode of Terras Irradient, Mr. Nash shares some of his favorite memories from his time at Amherst in the 1960s and from his career as an independent scholar. From watching the news of the JFK assassination in the Morrow common room to having dinner in Georgetown with Ronald Reagan, explore the life and career of the historian whose part-time office is the “C Level” of Frost Library.

Edited and produced by Andrew Rosin ’25.