Terras Irradient: The Athletic Recruitment Debate

Host Andrew Rosin '25 explores the potential consequences — both positive and negative — of ending athletic recruitment at Amherst College.

How would Amherst College change if it eliminated athletic recruitment? What would the campus community gain or lose if Amherst did not have varsity sports? What is the student experience like at Reed College, a peer institution that does not have athletic recruitment or varsity sports?

On this episode of Terras Irradient, host Andrew Rosin '25 is joined by Senior Managing Editor Dustin Copeland '25, varsity cross country and track star Theo Dassin '24, and Reed College junior Lucas Weiss to discuss the debate surrounding the potential end of athletic recruitment.

Edited by Karina Maciel ’25 and Andrew Rosin ’25.

Background Reading:

Faculty View, Discuss Data on Athletic Recruitment
At their most recent meeting, faculty were presented data about athletic recruiting and its impact on the college’s admissions process. A productive discussion ensued, according to those present.
Faculty Vote To Release, Discuss Data on Athletic Recruitment Policies
In response to the Supreme Court’s overruling of affirmative action, faculty urges for more transparency around athletic admissions.

“The Place of Athletics at Amherst College”: 2014 Report