Campus Conversation

The bells of Stearns Steeple have been tolling. For whom? For the residents of James and Stearns, during the past two Sunday evenings and “maybe once in between,” according to Alex Hochron ’02, an RC in James. Even though the bell ringer usually plays holiday medleys, “it’s kind of annoying,” according to Hochron.

On Nov. 28, the RCs of James and Stearns forwarded an email to their residents, informing them that this mysterious “bell ringer” would be practicing until Dec. 22. The reason for the practicing is unknown.

“It’s just really hard to study,” said Laura Woodward ’04, who lives in Stearns. “It’s not really something you can tune out or just ignore.”

Hochron is one of the only students on campus who has come face to face with the alleged man behind the bells. He and a friend were standing between James and Stearns and asked a passerby to take their picture. The fellow said, “Sure, do you want to take it in front of my steeple? I’m the Amherst bell ringer.”

By Hochron’s account, the man is skinny, of normal height, with brown hair, probably mid-to-late 30s. “He’s very average-looking,” Hochron said.

Jokingly, Hochron and his friend asked the Ringer if they could get inside Stirn Steeple. To their amazement, he said he would welcome visitors. But he warned them that hearing the sound of the bells was more exciting than watching someone pull the strings of the bell.

Graffiti Galore

Think the Amherst party scene lacks creativity? Well, not if Lindsay Thomas ’01 and her friends have anything to say about it.

This past Saturday, they organized a “graffiti” party in Tyler House, which required party goers to wear white t-shirts and write on each other. The idea came from one of Thomas’ friends at UConn whose frat had a similar party last year.

Attendees unadorned with graffiti couldn’t drink, which led to people writing on every body part imaginable, especially for those who were scantily clad.

“Some of the best [graffiti] I saw was: ‘Boy bands make me come’ or ‘I love Ray Combs,'” said Thomas.

Party-goers were as excited as the planners by the results of the party.”The whole thing was pretty cool. It’s not every party that I walk into that has six girls run towards me the minute I walk in the door,” said Ryan Whitmarsh ’01. “It was disheartening to find out they just wanted to write ‘I suck’ and ‘loser’ on me in green marker.”

“That kind of ridiculousness and debauchery is exactly what this dying college needs on Saturday nights,” added Whitmarsh.

Thomas said she is feeling a little nervous about the next party she will plan. “We had a ‘Sweats Party’ last year which was a lot of fun too, but after this party I don’t know how we are going to top it with our next theme,” said Thomas.

It’s All About The Sauce

G Love and Special Sauce, that is. This sexy group set foot in Amherst on Friday for a concert in the Alumni Gym. This was no ordinary Friday evening at Amherst, as fans came from all corners of the Pioneer Valley to listen to the live tunes. There were devoted groupies who made the pilgrimage from UMass and Amherst Regional High School and others looking for entertainment on a slow Friday night. Although Amherst students paid only $10 they were in the minority among the revelers.

Program Board member Amanda Schupf ’01, who organized the event, is a fan. “They were really nice guys really down to earth. The music’s great, very mellow,” she said.

Some Amherst students were more interested in the post-concert activities. “A highlight of the evening was the after party,” explains one fan who wishes to remain anonymous.

“It was great to get to toke with, I mean, talk with the band,” she added.