Val Hacks: Smoothie Bowl

Make your mornings sweeter with a delicious smoothie bowl. Columnist Ivy Haight ’25 provides an easy-to-make recipe for your next fruity breakfast treat.

Val Hacks: Smoothie Bowl
The best part: Val makes the smoothie for you! Photo courtesy of Ivy Haight ’25.

On mornings where I’m short on time and warm food isn’t what I’m in the mood for, I usually go for a yogurt bowl with toppings from the smoothie station. One day, I decided to make it a little extra special by adding in a smoothie.


  • Add one to two scoops of Greek yogurt to a bowl.
  • Pour in half of a smoothie cup or more. For a thicker consistency, use less than half of the smoothie, and for a thinner consistency, you can add the whole smoothie.
  • Mix well.
  • Add toppings like granola, fruit, honey, protein powder, spirulina, chia seeds, and whatever else your heart desires!