Study Abroad Programs Impeded by Protests

Protests led by college students, among others, in Chile and Ecuador have reached the lives of Amherst students studying abroad in South America.

Fallout From Affordable Housing Dispute Leads President Martin, AAS to Weigh in

Fallout from the affordable housing controversy continued through Thanksgiving break, with President Biddy Martin sending an email on the low-income housing project at the center of the debate to a group of students who identify as first-generation and low-income (FLI).

Visiting Scholar Goes Missing, Discovered Day Later in NH Woods

One day after the family of Mianmian Wang, a scholar visiting the college for the year, reported her missing on Nov. 29, she was located and contacted.

AAS Creates New Senator Position For Transfer Students

The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) unanimously voted to add a seat for a transfer student senator on Nov. 17. In an email to all students on Nov. 21, AAS released the amended constitution, which now provides for a 33rd senator.

Dear Faculty: The Importance of Content Notices

Contributing writer Charlotte Blackman '20 explains the necessity for content notices of sensitive material on course syllabi and urges faculty to integrate them into course descriptions.

Ending an Era

Editor-in-Chief Shawna Chen '20 bids farewell in a love letter to The Amherst Student.

Seeing Double: A Legitimate Political Party

This week’s Seeing Double is a point/counterpoint addressing the following question: is the Republican party legitimate? Thomas Brodey ’22 and Cole Graber-Mitchell ’22, our Seeing Double co-columnists, each make their case for opposing positions on the issue.

Studying Care Among HIV-Positive Black Caribbean Women

Jolly’s work explores the lives of HIV-positive black women in Jamaica as they navigate the contradictory relationships between their communities, health institutions, the state, global development agencies and the everyday politics of their lives.

“Frozen 2” Delights with Soundtrack and Compelling Plot

“Frozen 2” succeeds in taking you back to your childlike wonder. At the same time, it is a self-aware children’s movie that isn’t shy of subtle adult humor. The jokes land, the soundtrack is solid and the plot line, well, works.

“The Mandalorian” Delivers Impressive Visuals and Cast

“The Mandalorian” puts Disney+ into a strong leading position compared to other new streaming services. The visuals are impressive, the writing is strong and the characters are nuanced and interesting.

“The Crown” Dazzles Viewers with New Cast Members

The rich storyline engenders the series with a signature and hyper-personal style that differentiates it from other period pieces of the time.

Women’s Basketball Falters Against Emmanuel

Men’s Soccer Looks to Finish National Title Quest