College Community Protests, Organizes Against Jeff Sessions

The Amherst community demonstrated against former attorney general Jeff Sessions in a variety of ways on Wednesday, April 24, as his scheduled talk at 8 p.m. in Johnson Chapel loomed over campus.

Jeff Sessions Speaks On Free Speech, Addresses Mueller Report

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to the college community about free speech on April 24 in an event jointly organized by the Amherst College Republicans and the conservative youth organization Young America’s Foundation.

College Explores Possible Student Center

The college announced on April 17 its intentions to explore building a student center on the land currently occupied by Merrill Science Center and McGuire Life Sciences. Separate meetings with students and faculty convened shortly after.

AAS Senate Candidate Statements 2019-2020

The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) will hold elections on April 24 for next year’s senators.

On Power and Privilege

The Editorial Board describes the role power and privilege play in campus controversies and encourages the Amherst community to reflect upon these concepts in light of the Jeff Sessions visit.

A Reflection on Jeff Sessions' Visit

Managing Arts and Living Editor Olivia Gieger '21 thoughtfully reflects on how to react to Jeff Sessions' visit to campus despite having diametrically opposing values.

If I May: The Final Farewell

In Jake May's '19 last column for The Amherst Student he shares some final thoughts on the AAS E-board elections, the Jeff Sessions visit, and the gratitude he feels for having written over the years.

The BTS Effect: Why We All Should Be Part of the ARMY

On April 12, BTS released “Map of the Soul: Persona,” an album which explores Jungian concepts of identity and expresses the group’s love for their fans.

“Ash Is Purest White” Explores the Vulnerability of Love

"Ash Is Purest White" is a captivating tale that focuses on the lives of a gangster couple in times of upheaval.

Exploring the Role of Pop Culture Figures in Social Justice Work

Kim Kardashian recently announced her hopes of becoming a lawyer in order to better understand the criminal justice system, yet it is a choice that has given rise to much scrutiny and interrogation of what role celebrities have in social justice work.

Brexit at Home: How the Politics of Britain Affect Students

While Brexit seems a distant distraction from the circus of American politics, it has profound effects on British international students at Amherst.

Men’s Track & Field Competes at Tufts Sunshine Classic

Softball Battles Williams in Crucial Conference Series

Haugh-t Takes: Israel Folau