A Flawed System: Professors of Color Face Hurdles in Obtaining Tenure

by Shawna Chen '20, Editor-in-Chief | 148-14

The process of obtaining tenure in academia is somewhat shrouded in secrecy. Though tenure does not grant a professor immunity from being fired, it does prevent a college from firing a professor without due reason. Tenure has been, and remains difficult, to attain.


Community Reflects on Network Outage
by Zach Jonas '22, Staff Writer | 148-14

The week-long server outage posed significant challenges for students completing coursework, faculty conducting classes and staff performing other administrative tasks.


Campus Undergoes Nearly Week-Long Server Outage Due to Network Disruptions
by Shawna Chen '20 and Zach Jonas '22, Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer | 148-13

The campus experienced nearly a week of network outages beginning on Monday, Feb. 11, as the Information Technology (IT) department worked around the clock to test the campus-wide server and address varying disruptions that had caused outages since the beginning of the semester.


Fresh Faculty: Matteo Riondato
by Corey Jacobson '22, Staff Writer | 148-14

Matteo Riondato is an assistant professor of computer science. He received a master’s degree in engineering at the University of Padua in Italy. Later, he received his master’s degree and Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University.


As Layoffs Loom, Hampshire Faculty and Staff Look to the Future

by Ryan Yu '22, Managing News Editor | 148-14

Following announcements that the institution would not accept a full first-year class next fall, Hampshire College notified several of its staff members on Tuesday, Feb. 19 that they would be laid off in 60 days.


Amherst Books: Worth the Cost

by Jack Kiryk '21, Contributing Writer | 148-14

Contributing writer Jack Kiryk '21 expresses his desire to support the local bookstore in Amherst and proposes a way to make this financially feasible for students.


The TSA: Just More Security Theater

by Holden Lee '22, Contributing Writer | 148-14

Contributing writer Holden Lee '22 illustrates the shortcomings of the TSA and suggests we reckon with the way fear dictates how our airports run.


The Internet Outage: A Lesson in Vulnerability

by Olivia Gieger '21, Managing Arts and Living Editor | 148-14

Managing Arts and Living Editor Olivia Gieger '21 reflects upon our campus' internet outage and our overdependence on the web.


Counseling Center Continues Efforts to Expand Student Support
by Olivia Henrikson ’21, Contributing Writer | 148-14

After lots of public attention surrounding college student mental health, the Counseling Center continues its efforts to improve access to mental health services beyond its walls.


Ariana Grande is Unapologetic in New Album “thank u, next”
by Seoyeon Kim '21, Managing Arts & Living Editor | 148-13

Ariana Grande's latest album is a testament to her growth as an artist as she explores a more emotional side of her music.


NETA: A Look at the New Option for Five-College Students
by Isabella Weiner ’20, Contributing Writer | 148-13

The recent opening of a NETA dispensary in North Hampton forces five-college students and administrations to reconsider how access to recreational marijuana will alter drug use on campuses.


From Crags to Couloirs: Climbing’s Legacy in Massachusetts

by Colin Weinstein '22, Contributing Writer | 148-14

Western Massachusetts' long legacy of rock climbing and outdoor exploration continues into the present day through college outing clubs.


Women’s Basketball Finds Itself in an Unfamiliar Position: Underdogs

by Henry Newton '21, Managing Sports Editor | 148-14

From the moment that the Mammoths lost their first game in over two years against unranked Eastern Connecticut State University on Nov. 20, the team has found itself in an unfamiliar role: NESCAC underdogs.


Women’s Track and Field Sprinters Set School Record in the 4x400 Meter Relay

by Jamie Mazzola '21, Staff Writer | 148-14


Views From Sparrow’s Nest: Tennis Love

by Matthew Sparrow '21, Staff Writer | 148-14

Matt Sparrow examines the state of professional tennis, commenting on the rising generation of young stars while simultaneously explaining why it is exactly this turnover that sparks his love for the game.